Artist and Artify Life™ founder Katina Zinner shares her art on personal products and home goods to inspire and empower individuals each day, and provide a vehicle to IGNITE CHANGE for animals and our environment on a global scale.

Artify Life gives back 5% of net profits each quarter to a chosen charity who directly improves animal rights, human rights, and environmental preservation.

The wildfires in Australia hit close to home. Katina created this custom design to honor the lives and recovery effort resulting from the fires in Australia.

100% of the proceeds from the products will be given to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, directly benefiting the recovery effort to preserve the native species and their habitats.

In the first week of April 2020, we donated $150 to the Wildlife Hospital. While this number may seem small, we know it is the start of a legacy of giving!

NOTE: Due to Covid-19, our Pewter Pin is unavailable due to temporary factory closures in New England. Safety for all is #1.