Katina's Kimonos ~Artsy, Classy & Fun!

Katina's Kimonos ~Artsy, Classy & Fun!

Kimonos are trending this season - yet, they’re also timeless. From geisha gown to haute couture, the Kimono is a quintessential Japanese garment of cultural sartorial significance that is worn when one comes of age, is married, or attends a traditional tea ceremony.

Kmono Origins

Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk, a recent exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, presented an homage to the garment as a dynamic and constantly evolving fashion icon. In reviewing the intriguing exhibit, The Telegraph noted:

“Sex and secrecy, politics and power, fashion and film, anxiety and influence: all can be traced through the Kimono."

Take a virtual tour of the exhibit here.

Throughout history, the Kimono was worn by those wishing to express themselves through the art depicted on their Kimonos. In the early 20th Century, Kimonos depicted Art Nouveau and Art Deco motifs. By the 1990’s, Japanese youth began to wear the attire when they attended concerts and went to parties.

Modern Fashion Kimono

The Kimono’s renaissance surged as the fashion segued from ceremonial to everyday attire. Today, Kimonos are as prevalent as yukata - casual summer Kimonos - as well as in more traditional iterations.

Whatever the occasion - formal, casual, or beach-side - the Kimono’s timeless popularity is attributable to its vibrant artistic culture. When one thinks about it - a Kimono is a canvas, allowing its wearer to exude energy and personality within the fabric’s folds.

Katina's Garden - Art Inspiration          Katina's Garden - Art Inspiration

Katina’s original large-format oils, photography, and pen and ink works are inspired by her personal connection to nature. Original and beautiful, her works of art excite the viewer they lean in, entranced by the details and invigorated by the exuberance of its wild colors.

MACAW by Katina Zinner

Katina’s Artify Life Kimono series follows the Kimonic tradition of celebrating art on flowing fabrics. The line offers Kimonos depicting Katina’s exhilarating works of art, enabling you to wear her art and express yourself creatively. It’s the quintessential Kimono capsule collection!

The MACAW Draped Kimono immerses you in sensational splashes of color as you feel the luxury, flow, and vibrant energy of Katina’s large artwork. Available in your choice of 100% Silk Habotai or Peachskin Cotton Jersey (polyester/spandex blend), the Kimono is perfect for a casual, sexy look over swimwear or for lounging at home. Habotai is one of the most comfortable and classic weaves of silk traditionally worn in Japan. The soft and supple fabric is easily dyed and shows every detailed stroke in Katina’s gorgeous works.

Every draped Kimono provides a soft, flowy structure with an elegant drape, and is hand-sewn in Montreal when ordered. Comfy and loose-fit cuts suit a range of body types. As with all Artify Life apparel, one price for all sizes.

The CORAL BLOOM Draped Kimono bursts forth with the orange hues, emulating nature’s wonder. Check out this Coral Bloom video showing the natural wonder that helped inspire this particular piece. The sophisticated Kimono cascades across your frame, providing a gorgeous, streamlined look.

The vibrant prints are easy to care for and are fade resistant - just machine wash in cold water and hang dry. Consider mixing or matching your Kimonos with Artify Life’s signature leggings. The combination presents a sophisticated yet simple stylish look that is timeless. Or, take it to the beach with bikini's and flip flops to complete your look!

MACAW matching Kimono and Bikini

As we approach the Autumn fashion season, look for Katina’s forthcoming Peignoirs - long kimonos that are worn like a coat. Check out all of Katina’s Kimonos and other apparel and accoutrements at artifylifestyle.com.

 - Barbara Burke

Barbara lives, thrives, and writes for many national and LA publications. 

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