A Conversation with Katina Zinner, Founder of Artify Life - by Barbara Burke

A Conversation with Katina Zinner, Founder of Artify Life - by Barbara Burke

“Art was always encouraged and celebrated in my family, and consequently became my lifelong passion.” Internationally acclaimed artist, film editor and producer, Katina Zinner, starts the conversation as she calmly pets one of her rescued Dalmatians while we sit amongst her lush garden.

Her entire childhood was infused with art, creativity and culture. “I still have the original set of colored felt pens that I drew with on lengthy flights when we traveled throughout Europe and other places for my father’s film career."

“Ever since I can remember, I was always drawing and painting. I vividly remember as a little girl having an entire space showcasing my drawings on the cabinets of my parent’s very long Irish kitchen in our Dublin flat where we lived on location during filming Darling Lili, starring Rock Hudson and Julie Andrews!”

On location, that is, with Katina’s father, Peter Zinner, multi-award winning motion picture editor, director and producer. Peter edited and produced many famous films, winning an Oscar for The Deer Hunter and editing The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, An Officer and a Gentleman, A Star is Born, in addition to
a myriad of other well-known films. He edited the two longest-running television mini-series: The Winds of War and War and Remembrance.

Peter Zinner with Francis Ford Coppola

Peter Zinner (Center) with Francis Ford Coppola


Barbara Streisand with Peter Zinner

Peter Zinner with Barbara Streisand working on A Star is Born

Katina’s mother, Christa Zinner, was an iconic fashion and celebrity photographer whose images graced the covers of various international publications including Glamour, Vogue, Sports Illustrated, Ebony, Town & Country, Life, and Look.

 Christa and Katina Zinner at joint exhibition

Christa photographed many luminaries, including Cher, Elizabeth Taylor, Lauren Bacall, Katherine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Judy Garland, Fred Astaire, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, and Thomas Mann. Many of her photographs, covers and editorial spreads are archived at the Christa Zinner Collection - housed at USC Libraries’ Special Collections.

Later in her life, Christa’s focus shifted from capturing to creating images. She became a renowned sculptor and her perfectly exquisite bronzes are in private collections worldwide, with select pieces adorning Katina’s home.

African Queen Sculpture by Christa Zinner

“My mother and I had many joint exhibits throughout California and we were featured together in several publications including Los Angeles Magazine and Art Limited. Our work complemented one another and we enjoyed our closeness when collaborating.”

During her childhood, Katina visited museums worldwide, enjoying many cultural experiences that further increased her fascination with the visual arts. When the family was stateside, she enjoyed attending the children’s classical music series at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in downtown L.A. She reveled in
playing on the beaches of Malibu with the children of her parent’s film business friends who often hosted eclectic gatherings, including Caroll O'Connor, Burgess Meredith, Larry Hagman and John Forsythe.

As a child, Katina delighted in playing in her neighbor’s, Charles and Ray Eames, vast wild meadow, immersing herself in the eclectic environs of their home. Known as the Eames House, it is a National Historic Landmark constructed in 1949. Charles and Ray are internationally recognized as design pioneers at the forefront of the 20th Century design, film-making, architecture and furniture communities.

“Every waking minute of the Eames' day focused on art, design and functionality. I loved being in their home and was entranced by their creativity, with all the colorful and original Objets d’art. I carry this influence into my home with objects from my travels inter-playing."

As a young adult, Katina studied intensively at the prestigious Idyllwild Arts Academy, Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, UCLA and Santa Monica College. "All of these excellent institutions greatly influenced my work as an artist,” she says. “Most notably, they instilled my sense of placement and presentation.”

Artify Life is Born!

Against this backdrop of inspired artistry, Katina launched Artify Life in 2019. A sustainable, fully branded line of beautifully bold artistic products that surge with color, each piece captures her striking large format oil paintings and passion for life.

"I want to enable anyone to infuse originally designed, colorful, exciting,  and sustainable art to their everyday life."

Katina describes her efforts to bring the celebration of movement, pattern, color and texture into people's daily experiences:

“The common denominators between my painting and film editing, and this product line are elegance, soul, and presentation - all central to my creative vision.”

As an avid hiker and regular ocean swimmer, much of Katina's inspiration for color and texture comes from nature. “Art is a beautiful way to bring the magic of the outdoors in. Each individual has a unique relationship with it, and connects or is inspired by it in a very personal way”.

Artify Life products feature Katina's original art meticulously produced on a curated collection of apparel, accessories, home decor, baby, pet products, stunning shoulder bags and back packs, journals, original enamel and ceramic mugs, watch bands and more. Apparel ranges from silk kimonos, hoodies, swimwear, flip flops, and adorable baby bibs. All provide gorgeous ways for customers to display their passion, and infuse their life with vivacious vibrancy.


They also provide a vehicle to IGNITE CHANGE for animals and our environment on a global scale - Artify Life donates 10% of net profits to a chosen charity that directly improves animal, human rights & environmental preservation.

A paradigm example is when Katina, deeply moved by the devastating Australian wildfires in 2019, custom-designed a logo featured on her totes, mugs and bibs celebrating and honoring the Koalas’ endangered lives. The design features a baby koala cupped in the loving, embracing hands of its caretaker. 100% of the proceeds from Koala products benefit the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital’s efforts to aid the struggling Koala population.

Artify Life KUALA Mug

A patriotic American, Katina has ensured that her company’s products are primarily made in the U.S. and the Americas. Importantly, Artify Life ensures the brand has a small carbon footprint. It achieves this by manufacturing on-demand only when products are ordered - thus eliminating any need for large warehouses with inventory or dead stock. This innovative approach ensures that no extra merchandise ends up in landfills.

OCEAN BLOOM Hoodie - Made in the USA

Mindful that many customers and retailers are on tight budgets, all Artify Life  prices include shipping. And before some large retailers instituted this policy, Artify Life has never charged extra for plus sizes for their full array of clothing.

“A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires
others.” - Salvador Dali

Katina Zinner’s Artify Life products offer customers inspiration to immerse their home interiors and fashion with the joy and color her creative vision provides.

To peruse the full product line: ArtifyLifeStyle.com.

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