Artify Life ~ Your Most Sensational Summer Ever

Artify Life ~ Your Most Sensational Summer Ever

By Barbara Burke

Launch into an amazing Summer with Artify Life’s sexy, stylish, swimwear and summer attire.

Make a statement ~ make a splash ~ with artist Katina Zinner’s brilliant and bright patterns that infuse energy and elegance into your beach or poolside look.  Katina creates bold and expressive art through the lens of her one-of-a-kind experiences & her lifelong love of nature and animals.

Everyday, Katina gains inspiration as she swims in the ocean in Malibu and hikes remote trails high up in the majestic Santa Monica Mountains, a bastion of beauty and joy.

Best Malibu Hills Hike

The magic of the nature that Katina enjoys is infused in the Artify Life’s capsule collection embodies the optimism & warmth of Summer while providing everything you need to lounge and enjoy!

Browse the beautiful bikinis & one-piece swimsuits ~ some sporting brilliant hues ~ others rocking powerful black & white brush strokes. It’s hard to select just one!


Leisurely lounge in lovely swim attire and curate your entire Summer look! Artify Life offers everything you need to hit the beach or enjoy poolside parties. 

Consider the flip flops ~ try a pair from the Passion Series ~ bold, geometrical colors and shapes complement your bright toenails.

Malibuize your look ~ sturdy flip flops from The Pier Collection share the excitement and allure of The Malibu Pier. Take a gander at all the glorious items from the Coral or Ocean Bloom series, including watch bands, cell phone covers & journals for capturing your inspired thoughts.

Artify Life Malibu Pier - Flip Flops 

Snap up one or more of the many fashion bags ~ stylish, sturdy and wonderful

weekenders, some are soft and soothing, imbued with the hues of Katina’s Ocean Bloom series, while others are vivaciously vibrant, such as the Dream Duffel. The lined bags conveniently hold a lot of items ~ perfect for a getaway or a day at the beach! 

Don’t forget the art-imbued,  covered tumblers ~ they’re perfect to enjoy that favorite cold beverage.  Pair the bags with their matching painted pouches that can safely store keys and valuables as you take a dip in the ocean!

Coming soon - Augment your swimwear collection with everything you need for a day poolside or on a beach. Artify Life’s scarf cover ups and hand-made draped kimonos are as beautiful to the touch as they are to the eye.



Gorgeously Glow While Knowing You’re Giving to Others

Artify Life’s philosophy is to support the environment and animals on a global scale. ~ All products are made when you order, thereby preserving our planet by avoiding wasted material and energy so prevalent in fashion.

Katina Zinner with Lion in Africa

 A worldwide traveler, Katina is committed to sharing her vision that art should be an integral part of everyday life, and can serve as a catalyst for change ~  You can be proud as a purchaser knowing that you’ve made a difference in our world - 10 percent of net profits each quarter are given to a designated cause that helps the environment or animals.

Further, Katina specifically designed the Support Australia series which features a colorful, adorable & precious koala cub lovingly cradled in a pair of caring hands. Show you care about these precious animals who face peril due to

Australia’s devastating wildfires by purchasing these endearing items. 100 percent of the proceeds from the Support Australia line are donated to Currumbin Wildlife Hospital~ thereby directly benefiting the recovery effort to preserve the native species & their habitats. 

Importantly, all of Artify Life clothing comes in a vast array of sizes ~ there’s a perfect fit for everyone! Inclusive as well as environmentally conscious, the brand does not charge extra for plus sizes.  Katina’s art-imbued products are for everyone!

“Beauty comes in all sizes,” Katina says. “Love who you are!”

The genius behind the Artify Life brand ~ Katina Zinner ~ was blessed to be the daughter of Oscar-winning film editor and producer and director Peter Zinner (The Godfather and The Godfather Part II & The Deer Hunter) and renowned photographer & sculptor Christa Zinner, whose iconic images graced magazines as varied as Look, Vogue, Life, Ebony & Sports Illustrated.

From childhood, Katina was gloriously immersed in the exhilarating, joyous world of art.  Now, with Artify Life, she invites you to enjoy a sexy, sensual, sizzling, stylish Summer imbued with color, joy and a line of unique swimwear and accoutrements sure to impress!

Immerse yourself in Summer and in Katina’s ENERGY - PASSION & ZEST while helping our planet. 

 Artify Life ~ exclusive & inclusive Fine Art Fashion for everyone!

For more information about Katina’s original artworks:

 - Barbara Burke

Malibu-based journalist & blogger Barbara M. Burke enjoys blogging and writing about ArtifyLife & other retail & beauty establishments. A probing and thoughtful journalist and an incisive writer, Barbara also writes and blogs about artists & music of all genres and about environmental issues. Reach out to Barbara by emailing:



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