Blue Malibu ~ Upscale Malibu Beach Boutique Features Artify Life

Blue Malibu ~ Upscale Malibu Beach Boutique Features Artify Life

 As one enters, she is immersed in an eclectic, exciting, exclusive shopping experience that entices her to linger, to peruse and choose, and then to try on beautiful garments and exquisite, rare jewelry from all around the world. In doing so, she becomes part of the vibe and enjoys Malibu shopping at its finest. 

“Thank you Paris Hilton for shopping at @blue_malibu . . . always a pleasure to dress an icon in fashion,” Roxy Jensen, Blue Malibu’s proprietor, posted on Facebook on July 13. “Can’t wait to see you again!” 

Coy, confident & chic, Paris’s smile says it all - she found something special and wonderfully perfect at Blue Malibu! 

Whether it’s a Santorini high low dress or an azure Le Belle Vita piece, one can be sure that the choices at the shop are of the highest quality, exude the most chic fashion, and are most on trend. The boutique features one-of-a-kind designs, embroidered works from Tulum, select upscale designs derived from  Espana and Italia, and Australian gorgeous feminine chiffon dresses. 

“Everybody who comes here has fun,” Roxy says. “It’s true darling! I feature casual, cozy collections that are perfect for a coastal lifestyle, and I like to highlight local designers who curate handmade and well made items.” 

Artify Life is honored to be featured at Blue Malibu. Look for our iconic Malibu Pier Collection’s weekender bags, all featuring the bold and beautiful art of the company’s founder, the dynamic and expressive artist, Katina Zinner. Bright and alluring, in both presentation and design, the bags celebrate Malibu’s iconic pier as uniquely illustrated by Katina. They are perfect for the beach or resort, and serve as lovely souvenirs and thoughtful gifts.

“We feature Katina’s lovely canvas bags, baby bibs, sandals, swimwear and ceramic cups,” Roxy said. “Customers are loving these items and they are asking about the artist and how to contact her.” 

Dream Bikini - Blond Model Reclining

As she speaks, Roxy sits amidst a burst of color - dresses, swimwear, towels, and accoutrements, a bevy of beach collectives greeting locals and visitors alike as they enter Malibu to enjoy its gorgeous beaches and majestic mountains and canyons.     

Malibu Pier enamel mugs are classy-chic and perfect for coffee, tea or on-the-go morning cereal. They don’t chip and are manufactured with high-quality, lightweight stainless steel and a beautiful, glossy enamel finish. 

Malibu Pier Enamel Mugs - Malibu Beach

“Whenever people come in and ask for a Malibu souvenir, I show them the enamel mugs and they love them,” said Roxy’s son, Max. “We’ve sold a lot of them.” 

Check out Artify Life’s swimsuits at Blue Malibu as well - there’s something for everyone at the boutique. 

“Katina’s one-piece swimwear is perfect for ladies who are more discreet and don’t want to wear a bikini,” Roxy said. “With Katina’s designs, they can still be a little sexy without showing too much.”  

Colorful, classy, and carefully curated collections featuring Artify Life are featured at Blue Malibu, located right as one enters Malibu near Las Flores and Pacific Coast Highway.


Come by and say "hello" to Roxy - Paris did!


Blue Malibu

21219 Pacific Coast Highway

Malibu, Ca. 90265

T: 310.701.0559

Open 7 days a week: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

 @ Blue_Malibu


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