A Special Time to Celebrate Our Liberty

A Special Time to Celebrate Our Liberty

As Americans emerge from the strictures of Covid’s stay-at-home orders, this Fourth of July will be extra special. The annual holiday celebrating the fundamental freedoms guaranteed by the United States and state constitutions takes on special significance this year.

Once again, we are Free to leave home. Free to have one’s business
open. Free to gather. Free to be.

It’s a particularly good time to pause and reflect about how America
came to be so free.

It all began with our visionary founding fathers who fashioned a society
whose seminal theoretical foundation centered on “We The People” ~ the
citizens who decided through their representatives to organize a country
grounded on some basic concepts enshrined in our Constitution.
Freedom of speech, press, assembling and petitioning our government.
Freedom to practice a religion - or to refrain from doing so. Freedom of the
press. These liberties distinguish our democracy from the types of
government in repressive societies. Although our Republic - and we,
ourselves - are far from perfect, there is much to celebrate this Independence

Parades, cook-outs, fireworks . . . all are traditional ways to express our
gratitude for our independence. That’s exactly what the Founding Fathers
hoped we would do. John Adams told his wife, Abigail, that Independence Day would develop into “the most memorable Epocha, in the history of America,” and would be “celebrated by succeeding generations, as the great anniversary Festival.” What a visionary!

What you wear and how you express your own special look is a constitutionally protected right. Clothing and accessories can be protected by the First Amendment right of free speach.

United States Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan
famously said, “One man’s vulgarity is another man’s lyric.” He added, “the
Constitution leaves matters of taste and style largely to the individual.”

As we gather to enjoy this Fourth of July, Katina and her family invite
you to express your love and desire for liberty. A devoted patriot, Katina illustrated Lady Liberty with her bold and distinguished touch to reflect the challenge and promise of these times.

Try Artify Life’s Liberty Camo Tri-Blend Tee ~ perfect for the gents or ladies
to proudly sport a stunning image of the Statue of Liberty.

Need a quick hostess gift and want one that carries meaning and inspiration beyond July 4th? Consider buying your hostess Artify Life Mugs ~ one is in distinguished sepia, while the other celebrates Lady Liberty in a burst
of color.

If you’re hitting the beach, Katina’s designed a stunning Liberty
Beach towel series and you can’t go wrong with he Artify Life Liberty tote.

Heading back to college? Wear fine art wiith function with the signature Liberty Backpack.

However you celebrate The Fourth of July ~ everyone at Artify Life
wishes you and yours a safe, joyous and free holiday!

- Barbara Burke, Contributor

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