The Story of our Fashion Leggings

The Story of our Fashion Leggings

Why Leggings?

by Adam Herbig - Head of Brand & Product

Our leggings journey did not start out as you might think. In fact, we did not plan on doing them originally. In our initial product exploration, I used the leggings form to see how Katina’s abstract patterns would relate to the human form. The result was too compelling to ignore, and WATERFALL Leggings were born.

Artify Life Waterfall Leggings

Like many of us, artist Katina Zinner turns to nature for creative inspiration, energy, and even healing. To do our part in protecting our planet and reducing waste so traditionally prevalent in the fashion industry, we follow these principles:

Three Reasons Why Our Leggings are Good for the Planet

  • Our fabrics contain recycled fibers without sacrificing quality or feel
  • We only produce what you order, when you order. No waste, no unnecessary shipping.
  • We do not carry excess inventory that traditionally moves through a pipeline of resellers or directly into the landfill.
Artify Life PASSION Leggings

Artify Life Leggings are Fine Art Fashion. Each garment pattern is carefully constructed using high-resolution imagery of the original oil paintings. Some of Katina's paintings are multiple panels stretching 9' wide! Our leggings designs are asymmetrical because they use as much of the entire painting as possible.

Designed with comfort and daily activity as a priority, customers tell us they are the most versatile leggings in their wardrobe.

Check out the full collection:

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