About Artify Life

Artist Katina Zinner envisioned Artify Life to bring original art, bold color, and thought-provoking product and art pairings into everyday life. With so much of society being grey and dark, Artify Life is the unapologetic burst of color to inspire and ignite personal and global change.

Artist and Artify Life founder Katina Zinner is as vibrant and enigmatic as her paintings! With parents who were both "insanely creative" and always on the go in the Hollywood scene and throughout Europe, one might imagine life has been simple.

Simple, no. Unique and extraordinary - YES

At age 11, she was sent to boarding school in Austria; making the journey from California to the small village of Lech am Arlberg. That same year Katina had her first solo art show, and never looked back.

She continued her art studies in Rome and at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Katina's art hangs in some of the most exclusive homes in the US and Europe. A few pieces remain in her personal collection. They have been featured in galleries up and down the California coast and abroad. Her paintings are not sold as prints to maintain the exclusivity of the original works.


Katina Zinner is passionate about helping living things that can not help themselves. From her beloved and iconic rescued Dalmatians to the wildflower fighting for water on the edge of a walkway, she lives and actively promotes kindness and mindfulness to all living things.


From the inception of Artify Life, Katina set the foundation of giving for the brand and making a difference. As her art adds new happiness and color to your everyday life, she and YOU will IGNITE CHANGE through donations to organizations who directly support animal rights, human rights, and environmental preservation.

Every purchase of Artify Life products make a difference in the world!

You can find Artify Life products in Malibu at The Malibu Bungalows.


Email us: sales@artifylifestyle.com

IM: @artifylife

Dalmatian puppy in mommy's paints